Sea of Love
It wasn?t a piece of cake when I was asked to define Hua-Hin through my photography, since I was no insider, nor did the town have much influence on me. Hence, I said to myself that ?I wouldn?t capture Hua-Hin?, which actually refers to ?typical? Hua-Hin with street vendors, Tuk-Tuks, charming royal residence or markets. Rather I would dig deeper into the town?s breath, to its identity, to the atmosphere that are condensed into what we call Hua-Hin. For me, the clock ticks slower than it ever does elsewhere, as if the city has its own fine specific clock, made to support its chilling breezy atmosphere. Despite being slow, Hua-Hin is filled with strength and struggle for living. People from all directions intermingle, that it is impossible to point out ?who? really belong here. I figured out they somehow share one thing which is ?the heart for Hua-Hin?. It revolves around the town. It creates natural normalcy. The lingering inertia charmed Hua-Hin?s visitors. It slows down your ticker, granting an honor for you to be sluggish. I chose to capture people and their simple effortless lives, the respected normalcy. I can?t help feeling sorry for the city for eventually this identity is going to be swallowed and swept away by selfish ?capitalist?. I hope to capture this special ordinary city before it is given another awkward identity. If ?Well, I guess anyone can take these pictures.? phrase occurs in your mind when you see my works, I am success in portraying the town?s normalcy, its genuine self that appears to the eye, its special in ordinariness. Objects and passions outweigh the typical delicacy or beauty. Just like food, the taste matters, not the plate or the decoration. With great loyalty, I hereby capture my memory of Hua-Hin, which I could somehow heartily say that I become one of its local, become part of it. I guess it?s due to the fresh breeze that?s now filled my lungs?






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